Cool Hand Uke presents

The Strum Bums Ukulele Extravaganza Rescue and Relief Band

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We bring the sing-a-long joy of the ukulele to convalescent homes, adult day care centers, county fairs, Earth Day festivals, ukulele festivals, non-profit fundraisers, schools, conferences, community events of all kinds.


When everybody shows up, there are as many as 40 of us.

new york group photoIn New York


We have no rules but one: Come play when you can and feel like it.


Nineteen of us performed to a standing ovation at the New York Ukulele Festival in 2007. We were the "house band" at the Santa Cruz CA Ukulele Festival. We performed at the 38th Annual International Ukulele Festival in Honolulu HI in 2008, and again in in 2013 at the 43rd annual. Most years we perform at the Nevada County CA Fair and the Gold Country Fair in Auburn CA.


We meet for class and rehearsal every Thursday at the Mason's Lodge above Caroline's Coffee on South Auburn Street in downtown Grass Valley CA. Everyone and all ages are welcome. We often have loaner ukes. No musical experience is necessary.

At the Nevada County Fair

Click here to view the Strum Bums performance in New York City


Bruce "Utah" Phillips sends this message of support

to the Strum Bums via telephone. He was fond of performing with us.

Strum Bums Song Sheets