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Saunter and Dawdle with mp3, lyrics and ukulele chords

Notion with mp3, lyrics and ukulele chords

Square, Straight, Level and Plumb with mp3, lyrics and ukulele chords


Walking Momma's Dog Through the Graveyard. Mom died last year (2004) I wound up with her Maltese dog, Cookie. Mom's still giving me hints about things. I took Cookie for a walk through a Gold Rush era graveyard near my home in Grass Valley CA and this song was there.

Good to Have You Here. First of a trilogy of tunes written in the Spring of 2003 on three consecutive weekends at the Middle Fork of the Yuba River where Oregon Creek meets up with it.

Goldenseal and Curry. The second in the above mentioned trilogy. Both sexes have their tools.

Spring Sing Sierra. The third in the series, celebrating the life of the Sierra Spring.

Showdown Is Coming. I've updated this one, originally penned during the "Reagan Iran-Contra years. Some things never change. Showdown.mp3

Privatize You know if deregulation was really deregulation, we would all be pulling the electric meters of our houses. No such luck. Steal this song, but it would be cool if you said where you got it. Privatize.mp3

When Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan Rode Into Town In January of 2001, a client of the Nevada County CA Behavioral Health Department went into that county office and began firing at anyone who wa there, killing two people and wounding several others. He then went to a local resataurant and killed a third, and wounded others. The guy's brother was a cop who knew the gunman had weapons and bad attitude. The stores closed, the schools closed, people locked their doors in this rural mountainous community. They feeling was not unlike that a few years back when a homeless mentally retarded fellow accidentally set the woods on fire. This song lays the blame squarely on Ronald Reagan's killing of mental health care in California when he was governor and in the nation as president, and on Heston's blind adherence to guns at all cost. ronnieheston.mp3

I Scratch Your Racist War I originally wrote this song on the day Clinton renewed the bombing of Iraq - after he bombed Sudan and Afghanistan. I changed one line from "we scratch your racist war" to "I scratch your NATO war." I made the change to not only reflect Clinton's "ethic cleansing" from the bowels of the White House, but also to point at the "liberals" (educated well-off folks, generally) who support Clinton's tragic and stupid bombing. It makes me feel alone. And ashamed. George W continued the same lies.

Giant Silent Redwood
Dedicated to the idea, correct, of course, that the ancient redwoods of the Headwaters Forest presided over numerous significant events in their 2,000 years of life. Jesus, Antony and Cleopatra, Mohammed, the invention of the compass, Joan of Arc, quantum mechanics -- the trees witnessed it all. A celebration of that life. A hymn or anthem, if you will.

I Saw Judi Bari
A tribute to EarthFirst! activist, singer-songwriter-fiddler, mother and labor leader Judi Bari. I began writing this song after 1,033 citizens were arrested at Headwaters Forest in an effort to stop a corrupt corporation and a sold-out government from harvesting the remainder of the last 3 percent of the world's old growth redwoods. The song came together quickly the day I learned she had terminal cancer and a final stanza was added the day of her death, March 2, 1997. Bari.mp3

I Think I'll Stay Home and Get Centered

Originally written during Bush Administration, but now accomodates the Clinton era. It fits! (Original first line: "There's a CIA, drug-running, oil baron banker in the White House....")

Fog Dog Blues
Wrote this one while pacing the pavement in Selma CA on Highway 99 in January 1977 in the densest fog known to songwriting.

Liquid Times
Relishing the past, partly in the context of the recent comet.

Comes a Light
Relishing the approach of middle age in the context of Halley's Comet.

They Don't Play Ukulele in Hawai'i Anymore
Poking fun at the current trend of calling small guitars "ukuleles". (Sort of like showing up at a knife fight with a gun.)

I'm a Politician
Having fun with rampant hypocrisy.

Litter Bud Song
A comment on Nature and the littering of it.

Wayne and Maybelle
A tune that anticipates trouble when the couple gets home from the bar. Could just as well be called "Designated Driver".

Washington Wonder
Celebrates the wonders of Washington State and its calming effect during a tough time. Recent visits to that state deeply saddened me: they've cut their wonderful forest right down to the highway shoulder. The wonder's gone but I've still got the song.

I'm Taking Back My Day
About time, perhaps my most political song.

Cold November Gang
A 1991 tune I wrote because I still can't get over the Kennedy assassination.

O.J. Blues
The only aspect of the O. J. Simpson fiasco that interests me.

A take on the "you can't go home again" theme: made-by-TV paranoia.

Showdown is Coming
Irangate, media, can't last long.

Open Up That Watergate
Watergate and role of the press.

Women get older as they get more beautiful!

Cry California, Baby, Cry
Rewritten several times as the situation worsens.

Fool In My Way
About getting in your own way.

Ed and Mike's Real Repairs
Ed Cheng and Michael Donovan ran one hell of a Volkswagen repair shop. The guys who worked there in the 1970's remain close friends today. This is where I got my religion -- a working man's ethics, despite 16 years of Catholic education.

Playing at the Yuba
It's hard to find a more majestic free-flowing, unfettered river than the South Fork of the Yuba in Nevada County, California. But the power brokers are trying to fix that with dams and development. This song celebrates the river.

I'm Coming Back to My Senses
Back to my own stride.

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