Cool Hand Uke

Soprano Signature Ukulele

Limited Edition

For years I have wanted to offer a great, reasonably priced ukulele to the My Dog Has Fleas world.

I played hundreds, if not thousands, of ukuleles and owned at least a hundred of many styles in the past 55 years.

Last year I met a luthier who made a beautiful, affordable and wonderfully designed ukulele. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining made hands-on refinement a cinch. We worked together to produce the Cool Hand Uke signature soprano ukulele to my specifications. I'm proud of it. Its great intonation, robust tone and comfortable playability excite me as a player, songwriter and listener. It's become my favorite uke.

The Cool Hand Uke features:

• Extended fretboard: 15 frets
• Top pearlescent fret location dots
• White side fret location dots
• Aquila Nylgut strings
• Original ukulele size ("soprano" in today's terms)
• Beautiful solid spruce top
• Rosewood sides and back, open grain finish
• Fretboard and elegantly carved bridge of rosewood
• Three piece mahogany neck
• Enclosed geared tuning pegs
• Offset small soundhole aimed at listener, larger soundhole on topside for player
• Precision mother of pearl inlay on sound hole rosette
• Pearlescent and rosewood binding on soundboard
• Rosewood binding on bottom
• Unique flying arch braces that straddle bridge plate allow full soundboard reverberation
• Limited edition—each ukulele numbered sequentially and logged on included booklet

The background music in the above video presentation is the voice of the instrument without EQ, effects or other enhancements—straight from a Shure SM58 microphone.

Add this bit of musical jewelry to your player's toolbox.

Cheers, Dan "Cool Hand Uke" Scanlan, Nevada City, California USA


$320 Ukulele only

$335 Ukulele and soft gig bag

$360 Ukulele and hard case

The Uke • The Bag • The Case

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