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14 original songs played on the

Wendall Hall Professional Model Banjo-Uke

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Notion CD
$15 postpaid

1. Notion (Dan Scanlan)

2. Go Softly Down (Pat Sauer)

3. So Much (Dan Scanlan)

4. Playin' at the Yuba (Dan Scanlan)

5. Poetic License (Mile Bothun)

6. Lullaby (Barry Sadler)

7. Fool in My Way (Dan Scanlan)

8. I'm Leaving in the Morning (Buddy Craig)

9. Yuba Hula (Dan Scanlan)

10. Don't Bet on the Shanghai (Stephen Foster)

11. Saunter and Dawdle (Dan Scanlan)

12. Hymn Song (Utah Phillips)

Beautiful cover art by Emmeline Craig




iUke in the Fall
$15 postpaid

1. The Screw

2. Liquid Times

3. The Lead

4. Nasty Nurse Nancy

5. Little Boy and Fat Man

6. Raga Rag

7. Worst Case Scenario

8. Walking Momma's Dog

9. Good to Have You Here

10. A Peaceful Solution

11. Giant Silent Redwood

12. Privatize

13. Two Chord Song

14. Writing on the Great Divide

15. Glyph Mahalo

$15 postpaid, order by email with Paypal or through iTunes, CD Baby or DigStation



Father and Son Reunion CD cover

Three American ukulele artists returned the ukulele to its ancestrl home of Madeira Island, Portugal, in 1998.

Alfredo Canopin, Fred Fallin and Dan Scanlan taught several Madeiran folk musicians to play the instrument.

They performed two shows together in Madeira and one at the World's Fair in Lisbon.

This is their radio performance in Funchal, Madeira, featuring American and Madeiran tunes.

An historic treasure.

$15 Postpaid

Father and Son Reunion: The Braguinha Meets the Ukulele




Ah, Rajčo CD cover

Ah, Rajčo CD back

The rajão is one of the two parents of the ukulele. The "my dog has fleas" tuning came from four of the rajão's five strings.

The ukulele got its size from the braguinha. This album demonstrates the depth of sound that can be obtained when an instrument has two reentrant strings.

$15 Postpaid

Ah, Rajão!



American Rant

American Rant CD cover

Eleven politcal songs and eight political rants from 1973 to near present. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely intended. Cover art by Kitty Meekins.




Songs From the Vietnam War Era.

LaSalle University established a collection within its main library of artistic and cultural responses to the Vietnam War. I was asked to contribute any songs I had written and performed during that era. This CD is my contribution and it includes the first non-collegiate song I wrote, Marshlands Void of Green, as well as several others, some on guitar, including The Boy From the Middle Class Ghetto. CD in a paper envelope. $12.00 US postpaid.

Songs From the Vietnam War Era.


Introduction to the Rajão

Rajao book cover

Anyone who has felt the charm of the reentrant tuning of the ukulele will love the sound and beauty of the rajão, with two reentrant strings. Ukulele and guitar players can immediately enjoy playing a rajão with the help of this book.

$18 Postpaid (Sorry, temporarily out of stock. Please check back)


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