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Some of these songs date back to the 1960s, others were written just the other day. Love songs, mirth, historical, political and social commentary. Paeans, prayers, a jig or two. I hope you enjoy them.

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10,000 Ukuleles (Version 1)

10,000 Ukuleles (Version 2)

Bad Ass Boy

Big Business (Version 1)

Big Business (Version 2)

The Boy From the Middle Class Ghetto

Chem Trails

Children of the Last of the Middle Class

Child with a Dove

Close Friend, Near By

Cold November Gang

Comes a Light

Deeply Moved

Dozen Cousins

Hangin' Out at Ed and Mike's Car Shop

Fool In My Way

Garage Salsa

Giant Silent Redwood (Version 1)

Giant Silent Redwood (Version 2)

Glyph Mahalo

Going Home

Goldenseal and Curry (Version 1)

Goldenseal and Curry (Version 2)

Gonna Be An Outlaw

Good to Have You Here (Version 1)

Good to Have You Here (Version 2)

Good to Have You Here (Version 3)

How Easy Now

I'm a Politician (Version 1)

I'm a Politician (Version 2)

In the City (Version 1)

In the City (Version 2)

I Saw Judi Bari Singing to the Crowd

I Think I'll Stay Home and Get Centered

It's a Shame, It's a Crime

Keep on the Grass

Killin' TeeVee

Last Call

Lawndale (Version 1)

Lawndale (Version 2)

Lay, Lady Liberty (Version 1)

Lay, Lady Liberty (Version 2)

Liquid Times (Version 1)

Liquid Times (Version 2)

Little Boy and Fat Man

Lucky Me

Marshlands Void of Green

Meditation on a Blue Marble

Mom, They're Holding Me Prisoner

Nasty Nurse Nancy

Not a Sonata (Version 1)

Not a Sonata (Version 2)

Not With My Life You Don't

O. J. Blues

O Luto Do Filho

Open Up That Watergate (Version 1)

Open Up That Watergate (Version 2)

Paean Pane Iz

Peace Is a Wind


Playin' at the Yuba

Prayer for Aisha Rashid

Privatize (Version 1)

Privatize (Version 2)

Privatize (Version 3)

Raga Rag (Version 1)

Raga Rag (Version 2)

Raga Rag (Version 3)

Raga Rãjao

Saturday Matinee

Saunter and Dawdle

Showdown Comin'

Shroom with a View

Smart Bombs (Version 1)

Smart Bombs (Version 2)

So Much

Song of the Vokuleles


Spring Sing Sierra (Version 1)

Spring Sing Sierra (Version 2)

Square, Straight, Level and Plumb

Sweet Peach

Ten Times A Day

The Lead

Then Jode, Now John

The Road To California

The Screw (Version 1)

The Screw (Version 2)

Tinker's Tinker

Tunnel of Love (Version 1)

Tunnel of Love (Version 2)

Two Chord Song

Walking Momma's Dog Through the Graveyard

Washington Wonder

Wayne and Maybelle (Version 1)

Wayne and Maybelle (Version 2)

When Santa Comes to Our House He Wears a Cowboy Hat

Why Not Pretend It's True?

Worst Case Scenario (Version 1)

Worst Case Scenario (Version 2)

Writing on the Great Divide

You Can Take Two Ways

You Got Your Way

Yuba Doobie Do

Yuba Hula



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